Business Solutions

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas (SCOA) brings a global perspective to all business as a result of the expansive geographic diversity of the Company's operations. The advantage of this global reach allows SCOA to anticipate the challenges in the business environment and strategically respond. Through its parent company, SCOA's network touches major international and domestic markets, providing increased geographic expansion. 

SCOA has offices throughout the United States, and is an investor and business partner in more than 75 subsidiary and affiliate companies.

The Company’s strategic investments have transformed SCOA from a traditional trading company into a 21st century integrated business enterprise.  These investments have allowed SCOA to expand into new and emerging areas of business while making the Company a better solutions provider to existing customers.


SCOA offers access to major international and domestic distribution networks...



Technology Transfer

SCOA specializes in introducing new, technologically-driven and commercially promising...



Project Management

Our experience as global traders and marketers give us the skills necessary to coordinate...




Proactively responding to the demands of the worldwide marketplace remains at the core of our business...




Supply Chain Management

As a company that is involved with everything from extracting raw materials to supervising the building...



Logistics Transportation

Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA) is skilled in all aspects of logistics and transport management...