Who We Are

Tomonori Wada
Tomonori Wada
President and CEO of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

In the Americas, we contribute to the sustainable growth of the entire Sumitomo Corporation Group by creating solutions to help address social issues that support "Achieving Harmony with the Global Environment" and "Contributing to the Development of Local Communities and Industries". For instance, we aim to protect the global environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions through promoting renewable energy and natural gas projects as well as by adopting new environmental technologies. In addition, we will contribute to enriching local communities through the job creation, as well as by added economic benefits and infrastructure improvements when we establish local businesses.

Our five key focus areas in the Americas, where we can apply our strength and expect continuous growth, are Mineral Resources & Energy, Social Infrastructure, Logistics Infrastructure, Food & Agriculture, and Lifestyle. We are extending value chains and accruing high-quality assets in these areas.

From a regional perspective, our focus is South America where we will develop new business activities. With a population exceeding 400 million and abundant natural resources, such as minerals and energy, plus a variety of foodstuff, this region has tremendous potential.

In April, 2017, we opened an office in Silicon Valley on the U.S. West Coast, where technologies and services are evolving at a phenomenal speed. This office is serving as a regional hub, and is leading the SC Group’s innovation strategy to identify ways to create new business, as well as to connect our existing businesses with new technologies and services.

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